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I realized something the other day: a lot of us baby-boomers are “PMR” – Pretty Much Retired. That is, we still work.. a little. If we worked for ourselves, we still do, but not so much, certainly not like we did in our forties or fifties. And if we did “retire” from some other job, our new job is part time.. or maybe it’s more than that, but it’s easier, or we don’t have to get up early and can take days off at will: we’re “PMR”.

PMR is great: it’s extra money, and maybe it keeps some of us sane. While it’s nice not fighting traffic every morning, we do need something to keep ourselves busy.  You could hang around watching TV or playing golf, but that won’t put any money in your pocket – well, maybe playing golf  does for some.. but a little part time job or business can be as stress free as you want to make it and that jingle of coin doesn’t hurt either.

Yes, being PMR is nice. I highly recommend it.


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