Drop Cable or FIOS for Digital TV?

We’ve had subscription TV for a long time now: first satellite, then cable and now Verizon FIOS. It’s all great, but it sometimes seems like more money than it is worth.

I’ve been reading about the digital TV switchover and wondering if we might go back to broadcast. The stations will be adding more channels – right now they’ll probably just use them for re-runs, but later they will almost certainly add more new shows.

My concern would be reception. With digital TV, you don’t get a fuzzy picture with bad reception; you get nothing. I’m not sure I want an antenna on my roof again either. But if you already had that or didn’t mind adding it and your reception is good, this might be a decent alternative for those of us who don’t watch a lot of TV.

Something to consider. I doubt we’ll do it, but you never know..


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