Biting off more than you can chew

In a community like this, some people have a lot more money than I do, but some do not.   You can’t tell by looking at their homes, their cars: that Mercedes in the driveway might have been  bought before a husband died, or might be a castoff from a son or daughter.

Recently I’ve heard people talking about the monthly fees being too high.  More than one has said that we ought to have “rent control”..

They don’t seem to understand that the services we get here come from the fees we pay.  I know that’s silly; they must really understand that, but they seem to forget it.

If you want to live somewhere where you plow your own driveway, where you mow your own lawn, where there are no free movies, no free gym membership, three swimming pools, clubs, low priced functions, dances, and so on, that’s fine, but this isn’t that place.   It’s as simple and harsh as that.

People make mistakes.  People over-reach and get into situations they think they can afford but then their circumstances change and they find that they cannot.  It’s not cheap living here.  It’s not expensive, especially considering what you get, but it’s not cheap.

It’s hard because once you are here, it would be hard to leave.  First, you wouldn’t want to give up the amenities and secondly it can be hard to sell in this market – you might lose money.   I can understand people feeling desperate and trapped, looking for a way out through “rent control” or whatever they are thinking.  But that’s not going to happen and is not the answer anyway:  if you can’t afford where you are, you need to be somewhere else.  That’s hard, harsh and cruel, but it is reality.


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